Apply to be a model

Are you interested in modeling?  We are always looking for fresh new faces for pictures of people in a variety of settings and doing a variety of activities.  Normal people in natural settings are often required, so modeling experience is helpful but not necessary. We have themes for people of all ages, so people of any age can apply. The hourly wage will depend on the theme and your experience.


  • Be  comfortable in front of a camera
  • Be able to do your own hair and makeup in a simple natural style (women)
  • Be willing to sign a model release (if under 20, a parent/guardian needs to sign)     
  • Be reliable
  • Have a great smile

To apply for a shoot please click here: Model application form




  • 在鏡頭前很自然                
  • 能夠自理出自然風的髮型和妝(女性)
  •  願意簽署肖像使用同意權書(未滿二十歲須有家長或監護人簽名)
  •  可靠                               
  • 很棒的笑容